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7th Rule of 12 - Never bury your head in the sand like an ostrich. Read Failures, not Success.

“Don’t read success stories, you will only get a message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to get success ” - Abdul Kalam

Do you know that failures bring success? Sure Yeah.

Failure causes fear and is impossible to ignore, fearful.

However, almost everyone fail before they succeed.

“Today, there is growing recognition of the importance of failure. Educators are considering ways to let children react more easily to failure.

Management schools teach the lessons learned from failure.

Psychologists study the way we deal with it, usually with a view to improving the chances of success.

The word “success” derives from the Latin succedere, “to come next”, suggesting that it comes after a failure. There cannot be one without the other.

Oceanographer Robert Ballard, a veteran of 130 underwater expeditions and author of the discovery of the Titanic, calls this dynamic yin-yang interaction success and failure. ” - (In

In conclusion:

You should read stories of failures.

If you only read success, in addition to being often frustrated, it will not be easy for you to understand why many are successful and you are not. Failures and mistakes happen. You must learn from them.

Failure makes you stronger and more resilient, one of the qualities you need most to turn your life around, your projects and achieve your goals.

The Portuguese even say: “it has to hurt”, which means you have to fall, to get up and try again.

What you try to create is often a "flop".

Failures almost always result in better stories than success.

There are products that are so bad that they have become good. Did you know that there is even a Museum of Failure in Sweden and Los Angeles, more specifically in Hollywood in the State of California? It is true. The biggest flops in the history of the companies are gathered there - large investments in products that have failed.

So, it is interesting to study failure. Have you thought about that?

The error is extremely pedagogical.

Never bury your head in the sand like an ostrich.

The error does not make you less capable, on the contrary. You just have to acknowledge that you failed and accept. But don't insist on the mistake again and again for nothing, or by fetish, or a whim. Not that.

At least make the necessary mistakes until you find the solution, always with the objective in mind.

Never forget, for example, the history of Post-it glue, or Walt Disney, or J.K. Rowling or even Elen Musk and so many others.

In financial life for example, everything has a solution, even if the situation dragged on and seemed to lead to catastrophe. Financial failures must be corrected as soon as possible. You should then seek to educate yourself and acquire more Financial Literacy. Search for more knowledge about credit, savings, family budget, insurance ...

Anyone is capable of financial failure, weakness, impulse, madness. Of course, if you are able to resist, better for yourself, but making mistakes is part of our condition.

Bad and thoughtless decisions result in failure. Good decisions are more relaxed. No confusion with bad luck, which is a different thing. I am talking about a non-bad luck error, because bad luck is inevitable. You shouldn't be ashamed of making mistakes, let alone bad luck.

Use the best resource you have: your Brain. It's yours and it's free. There is no better. This lesson will surely condemn you to success.

If you are capable of turning a failure into a success, you'll be Rich.

What would we be then without failure?

Maybe Nothing.

So, feel free: Fail, to succeed.

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