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9th Rule of 12- The Crass Error Formula: Effort + Exacerbated Strength = Less resistance

Result: you lose speed.

It seems like a contradiction, but it is true.

What is effort? Ex fortis, comes from Latin, which, in general, is the same as pushing, being strong.

If you make strength or effort it is because there is resistance.

Nobody likes to make an effort. So where is your resistance? It is urgent to discover that answer.

The ability to transform requires a lot of courage and responsibility to adapt. No one can stop global change, but each of us can transform, if we don't only choose the easy way. The world has changed. Inevitable. And thou?

For this you have to avoid 3 states that I consider essential:

. analysis fatigue;

. analysis paralysis:

. burnout syndrome.

What do you do with your life? What is your purpose and your passion? You get tired a lot, don't you?

Dedicating all your energy to a purpose is wonderful. It is not clear?


You know you have talent, but you still haven't got it. Insists on your mission and avoids exchanging opinions, because your decision must help you, it should never get in the way. In each decision, you get tired (decision fatigue). Then you are paralyzed by analysis (depression and disappointment) and you have a burnout (shock).

The prosperity curve seems to have collapsed for many people.

Don't think too much. You begin to imagine unnecessary things. Focus on the essentials and follow a plan, prepare yourself first, get trained and learn what you need and analyze the best options.

Cultivate what is called Presence - that is, perform one step at a time. So you find out if what you do it really is a passion or if it really isn't worth it. Be realistic.

Do not cultivate Fear. It wears out your potential. There are no perfect plans no matter how much you plan. You have to act and opportunities appear. You cannot wait for opportunities to appear.

It is not enough to have the resources to act, that is, to have specialized training, material, money, digital media ... Many have and are not successful. Money can help, but it is very likely that it will not be decisive in many cases. Why?

The secret I think is the ability to transform and adapt.

Satisfaction is the El Dorado that we all want to achieve.

Practice is the best technique. Only then will you find out if that satisfies you or not and also discover what you don't like to do.

But do not be discouraged, because if you already realized that what you are doing does not satisfy you, you do not like it, it does not make you happy, then you have already arrived at a good first principle. It is at this very moment that the doors open for you. You have to act, no fears, otherwise you will be condemned to the states I told you about above. If you have to change your way, now. The important thing is not to stop, it is to advance step by step.

Don't try to guess the future. Vision is one thing, blindness is another.

Effortless money does not exist, there is what you love to do (and you do not even realize the difficulty), because it is something that you love and makes everything lighter.

The more you work, the less you earn? The less you earn, the more you try. The more you try, the less you think. The less you think the better you will be manipulated.

There is a Latin expression that says: "Auribus teneo lupum", which means "to grab or hold the wolf by the ears". This explains that in an unsustainable situation that occurs in your life, you have to tackle the problem head on. It also means that you can't just let it happen, just because it's risky.

Your guilt has to be happy, that is, you have to transform yourself to the point that a disaster turns into a surprising benefit.

Build the foundations. The world has changed and it is not your fault.

I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

Heal your wounds.

Felix Culpa, is what I wish you. Happy weekend.

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