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A.I.- Artificial Intelligence, Digital and Robotics - the Confort at the cost of Privacy?

We need more certainty and less doubt. Above all, we need to know, to digest and then to accept, and this requires time (at least for the Human Being).

But technology doesn't wait!!!

There's no turning back. It is happening, and now at an even faster pace, in all aspects of daily, social, professional and personal life. We cannot stop this technological revolution. We must put it at the service of humanity in order to be happier and consequently healthier physically, mentally and emotionally.

Although this has a cost - that of privacy - it is beginning to be proven that AI and Robots do facilitate human life and are useful. If so, then why we fight it?

The issue of privacy is another problem and one that inevitably has to keep up with this technological evolution. However, it is worrying, obviously and we cannot help thinking about it.

How to face this?

Cyberbullying, for example, is growing abominably and is a serious problem today.

How to protect yourself?

Through legislation and must be a priority for governments, globally.

If Artificial Intelligence (digital, nano, humanoid or robotic) starts to be able to be autonomous, to think for itself and to act, then we will have to legislate urgently also so that we do not fall into the dehumanization of the world, because deep down, this is what every humans are afraid.

Nevertheless, a human will always be a human, unique and that will be irreplaceable, because even with its limitations, the human being is capable of incredible things and remains the Great Enigma of our Planet.

The creation of robots and androids, humanoids is just that: - the search for the understanding of the Human Being, who we are, where we came from and how

... See The example of Hiroshi Ishiguro in Japan:

All of this is understood.

However, what will happen to employees? How will the job of the future be?

We already know that we can't compete with computers. They manage to be faster and more efficient than us in many tasks.

The Health area is in development and we have seen the speed with which vaccines were produced to prevent Covid19, for example. In the medium to long term we will see its repercussions. We always want to believe in Science.

However, this rapid evolution developed by man through the use of technology is interesting and even stunning. This is perhaps one of the positive aspects.

Of course, it still raises many doubts, but it makes us believe that it is possible.

This evolution is transversal to all areas of our life, including the business area. We are in the stage of evolution and adaptation. So, we have to follow and Education will be fundamental.

Human creativity will always be important and intelligent.

Mathematics, the search for the right algorithm to diagnose or solve a problem, Data, are now more than ever essential to save time, prolong and give quality to the lives of people, companies, businesses, happiness.

It may seem like a utopia, but the fact is that it is happening.

But there is a cost: our privacy.

We must be aware of this matter.

I honestly understand that all young people want to change and to save the world, they stick to ideologies. This causes revolt, discussion, disagreement, sometimes blindness and even all types of violence in the name of that ideology.

However I have never seen so much to be discussed and questioned as much as today. This is also positive in a way as it brings up a lot of matters that was previously discussed in small scientific elites. Today they are a global phenomena.

The question is: will Artificial Intelligence also help in this matter?

One thing we already know: the more Data we have, the better the AI ​​works.

With this pandemic, the world is restless, questioning everything. People are thirsty for answers and solutions.

Perhaps because this revolution is going much faster than expected.

So I repeat the beginning of this article:

"We need more certainty and less doubt. Above all, we need to know, to digest and then to accept, and this requires time (at least for the Human Being).

But technology doesn't wait!!!"

What do you think?

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