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Coronavirus has no color, no political ideology, doesn't choose autocratic or democratic regimes, it simply spreads through humans. Some transport it, others get sick and others simply infect other humans, especially the most unconscious, the rich or the poor.

This virus is here to stay. The only chance: Behavior and Consciousness.

Politicians also have to change their stance, because they too are human like all of us and have this double responsibility.

We all take risks. Nothing will be as before. Nature always wins, because it doesn't end, it just transforms. Science and technology can help, but they aren't yet The Solution.

I am convinced that it only depends on us. We are all in this battle, or else we are doomed forever. There are apparently some miracles: the case of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and South Korea, however, neither are they free from a second wave. Opening airports, having more contact between people... These second waves can be fatal, just study the so-called Spanish Flu, which started in Kansas-US.

The difference will always be in behavior and in the way we anticipate things. Have we learned anything or will many more people have to die to understand? I want to go back to my normal life, we all do. I try to do my part. But I am just as vulnerable as everyone else. Knowing this, it is already a principle that I will try to respect. For my good and for the good of others.

Nothing is lost and there are always good things in the midst of chaos. We just need to distinguish the wheat from the chaff.

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