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Coronavirus and Capitalism - Silver, Gold, Real Estate…? Why do we should invest in?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We are all Capitalists, in one way or another.

With this global catastrophe caused by COVID19, which supposedly came from China and quickly spread across the world, Many are losing and others would be waiting for this type of occurrence to WIN, WIN, WIN. An unprecedented kind of Checkmate, an unshakable record: 20 billion and 30% of company shares.

It overcame all of Europe and the American Democrats with a game that was in plain sight.

"Blind is he who does not want to see" - Portuguese saying.

Xi Jinping does not play on duty.

China apparently lost in early January to this virus, but NO, they WIN.

The situation in Wuhan caused the Chinese currency that started to decline. But the Chinese Central Bank took no action to prevent this collapse. China immediately closed its borders and shares in technology companies and industry dropped about 44%.

There were even reports that China was having a hard time and lacked masks to combat the Covid epidemic19. Just rumors ...

The so called “Financial sharks” soon appeared to hastily sell all Chinese shares, but no one wanted to buy them due to their sudden devaluation.

Xi Jinping waited a week, a week my friends, but always smiling and showing no concern at all.

The share price fell below the permitted limit. Xi then ordered the purchase of ALL European and American shares, at once!

Sharks realized that they were duped. In my opinion, nothing that could not be guessed, as it was already to be predicted. Too late, sharks! You've gone!  Inordinate and rash greed.

With this acquisition, (it bought at the price of rain), China invoiced around US $ 2 billion and became, again, the biggest shareholder of all companies built by Europeans and Americans.

China now owns the heavy industry on which the European Union, America and the entire world are totally dependent. Yes, my friends, we are in their hands. Master! I take off my hat! As a European I'm not happy, but we still have chances.

From now on, China has the right to fix the price and revenues of its companies as it pleases, and this will allow them to significantly increase their GOLD reserves - physical money, my Friends. Isn't it a brilliant move?

Switzerland saw this early on and warned that China's apparent inertia at the beginning was clearly manipulation in the GOLD market.

Now that the harm is done, what can we Americans and Europeans do? I raise the question here.

Invest in the medium to long term.

In my opinion, one of the things we should do is buy Silver, Gold, Palladium and other precious metals.

Today it is possible to buy a silver and gold bar or ingot for half a dozen dollars.

Instead of going to the Café or MacDonalds everyday, think about spending 25 or 30 dollars or euros on small bars/ingots of silver, gold, etc. Stack up, stock up, let it value. It is real, physical money, with a certificate of authenticity, to accumulate real and true fortune so that when there is a collapse we have something to hold on to. This is one of the hypotheses. You can even resell and earn from it. Take less coffee and do it.

"In relation to inflation, some argue that precious metals will grow in a period of high inflation, protecting purchasing power." - in:

If you believe that the dollar is falling, precious metals offer a way to “protect” that risk, because as the currency weakens, precious metals should increase.

Gold or Silver? Good question. It depends.

Some experts argue that Platinum and / or Silver would be a better choice in the current market, in relation to the price of Gold (so, if we are not familiar with this issue and price proportions, I suggest you study the topic a bit before buying gold ).

Economist Fritz Gilbert says that no investment in gold should be made without an analysis of your investment portfolio, objectives and allocation of those assets. It also says that, like any new investment, this "fits" the general plan. The information is from Richtopia-a Blog a lot to take into account.

Reasons for buying Silver: silver mines will end in 2020/2030

The suggestion is that you should start with a more basic review of your investment portfolio and objectives before making any decisions. Investing in gold becomes more risky perhaps because it requires knowledge.

According to Switzerland, metals will be the key to the economy. Buy in Switzerland and stock in Switzerland! ;)

If many of us invested little by little in precious metals instead of putting on weight eating hamburgers and drinking Starbucks coffees day after day, this could force central banks to change their behaviour. The money would be real and the wealth too. This would force them to stop printing money on paper that is worthless. The wealth belonged to the People, to everyone. The debt was going down. I believe that this is the future and there is no turning back.

Another possibility is to invest in the REAL ESTATE market. Create monthly incomes. Do not create debt, create revenue, cash flow that always cycles.

"Grain by grain, the chicken fills the crop" - Portuguese saying.

Buy real estate according to your possibilities and monetize them in order to create monthly income always, continuous cash inflow.

Learn from the RICH. If they are rich it is because they know how to be RICH.

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