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Coronavirus and the Recession - Jesus Christ taught Peter to fish, not to give fish to the poor.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Learn How to Fish! (Please, watch this 4:59m video to understand)

This is neither a religious article nor a political one. It is an article on how to survive now and from now on. The Future that must be durable and exemplary, because, like this Coronavirus, there have been others before and more are sure to come.

So I take this Bible passage as an example.

John 21 The Book (OL)

Jesus and the miraculous fishing

21 Later, Jesus appeared again to the disciples at Tiberias [Sea of Galilee]. Here is how it happened: 2 There was a group formed by Simon Peter, Thomas (the Twin), Nathaniel of Cana in Galilee, the sons of Zebedee, and two other disciples.

3 Simon Peter said: “I go fishing.”

“So do we!” Replied everyone. So they did, but they got nothing all night.

4 As day broke, they saw a man standing on the beach, but the disciples were unable to see who it was. 5 “Friends, did you catch any fish?” He asked them.

"They did not answer.

6 Then he said, "Cast the net on the right side of the boat and you will be hit a lot!" So it was and they couldn't even pull the net, due to the weight of the fish, due to its abundance.

7 Then that disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, "It is the Lord!" Upon hearing this, Simon Peter put on the clothes he had stripped and jumped into the water. 8 The other disciples continued on the boat and pulled the loaded net to the beach, about a hundred meters away. 9 When they got there, they saw a fire with fish on it; there was also bread.

10 “Bring me the fish you just caught,” Jesus told him. 11 Simon Peter went and pulled the net to land. According to his count, there were one hundred and fifty-three large fish, without, however, the net having broken.

12 “Now come and eat!” And none of the disciples dared to ask him if it was really him, the Lord, because deep down we knew it was. 13 Jesus then began to serve them bread and fish. 14 This was the third time that Jesus appeared to the disciples after his resurrection...

Jesus said:I'm Giving You the Chance to Change your Life."

This allegory is like saying today that 80% of the world population of the previous generation learned to fish - (Baby Boomers) and won and built. Now they die, unfortunately due to this virus.

On the other hand, the millennial generation, the current one, instead of learning to fish, they learned to receive fish.

In other words, at the moment, we have 20% who know how to fish and 80% who are waiting to receive fish. Everything has been dramatically reversed, which should be the other way around.


Have our schools been teaching the right things to our new generations for the past few decades?

Unfortunately, for the most part, I don't think so.

Schools have to teach them how to fish and not to receive fish, if you understand what I mean.

Also regarding this global economic and social catastrophe due to this Covid19 pandemic, I consider that Donald Trump is not to blame for this crisis, as it was announced a long time ago. It had been planned since 2016, long before he was President of the United States. And I'm not even Pro-Trump to be clear.

Furthermore, I think NOW it is the right time to REACT.

Staying at home playing Playstation Games, or counting the days and hours in total panic it’s not what you should do.

Neither asking yourself:

_ And tomorrow how am I going to eat, pay my bills ...?

Instead of this depressed and poor state, is it time to take the opportunity to reflect on: _ what I did before was correct? Was it enough for me to now have a future?

Now is the time to rethink: - What should I change? What am I going to do or plan to change the course of things? How can I make this revert in my favor?

_ How can I learn to Fish?

Should I think about betting on my professional activity with automated alternatives, in order to find ways of ( in a pandemic situation like this or any other in which I have to be isolated, outside the social and economic activity that I was used to), to make it possible on remote control? How can I adapt my work in an automated way?

The internet and automated systems are now, more than ever, a solution and we must think about it seriously, in the most real feeling of the term and not in the sense of entertainment.

Technology exists and is a SOLUTION to work.

It's time to CREATE.

Now more than ever you need LEADERSHIP, ATTITUDE, COURAGE and CHANGE.

Do it for You, for your Children, for All of Us, for Humanity.

We need to learn how to fish, like Pedro. That is the truth.

Our greatest ASSET is still and will be our MIND. THINK ABOUT IT!

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