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Covid 19 - What to do Now? We all know what we lose at this point. Some Win like never before...

The Health sector is currently the most affected, but it is also gaining, given the demand for pharmaceutical products and medical equipment.

The transport sector also, on top of the drop in the price of oil barrel.

The agricultural sector has never sold as much as now, in general, the food and essential goods sector.

The digital sector has never worked as hard as it does now. Online sales soared.

Many industries assigned to these sectors are working above their capacity and still well, otherwise it was even more catastrophic.

The service sector, some are on the rise.

The demand is brutal.

These sectors will fit billions and billions. We are grateful for their collaboration, however, it is hoped that in the end they will also contribute to the economy and still compensate those who are working, given that they are collaborators on whom we totally now depend and they are exposed. 

In a global crisis like this, we all have to contribute, especially those who are winning more, even at risk. For the good of Humanity.

But there is Hope.

Anyone who does not sell now because it was mandatory to retire at home, given the imposition of many governments in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus among humans, take the opportunity now to Plan your Sales when this situation begins to normalize.

After this terrible period you will probably sell like never before.

It is in these moments of crisis that we have to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That light exists!

What you can do in the next 2 to 5 months?

It's time for CHANGE.

. Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for your business.

. Do your S.W.O.T. analysis - try to identify your Strengths and Wiknesses. Focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Try to improve your weaknesses. The opportunities are there and the threats you already know.

. Plan sales with your suppliers from home,

. Make a detailed Operational Strategic Plan,

. Organize your way of acting,

. Make an analysis of the Market, the products that may have a greater demand to adapt your offer,

. Try, as far as possible, to know your competitors' strategy with suppliers and potential customers. They may be buying all the stock right now. Prevent part of that stock for your business.

. Focus your actions by sectors of activity and by each zone,

. Set priorities,

. Save Money Now,

. Talk to your customers. Show that you are available.

. Take care of your Health and Protection, because then you will need it to work,

. Store the products to be sold accordingly, within your means and without going crazy,

. Take care of your supply and transportation chain,

. Prevent situations and aim for possible solutions in sight,

. Try not to delay the payment of your bills so as not to create a situation of debt accumulation,

. Try to find out what government support measures exist in your country, in your industry and adhere to them, if possible,

. Mobilize people involved in your business and communicate,

. Respect the law and don't be stingy. You can be ambitious, but not greedy. You will earn more, given your credibility. The consumer perceives your attitude and appreciates it. This can convert to your advantage.

. Be conscientious and realistic.

. Avoid Credit if you can.

. Adapt,

. Get ready for the moment physically and psychologically.

By the way, with this social isolation, many divorces may arise, but at the same time a new baby boom may also come, which will not be bad at all. The world needs young people to work.

I'm afraid the next race war for the sale of miracle vaccines will take place. We all hope for the good of the Human Race.

I wish you success!

It is in your hands.

Take care and don't get discouraged.

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