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How to profit from the 2020 crisis? Important things we should know. 5th Rule of 12.

“I’ve heard that there’s going to be a recession. I’ve decided not to participate ”- Walt Disney

"Is Corona: The Favored Virus of ‘the Crown’?" Look at this article:

Unemployment, bankruptcy, loss of pensions, fear, falling markets, lost savings and much more during the recession.

But is the recession that bad?

There are those who profit a lot from it. If it were that bad, tell me why does Warren Buffet say vehemently that he expects a lot of recessions. This makes us think ...

There are companies that are growing globally in a month, 1 year, 2 years. So overnight. What is the secret?

Experts say the best time to grow is during a recession and it is precisely at that time that many more billionaires are created.

Of course, they are prepared for this, obviously they must have access to information that others do not have, but this is also bought. The so-called Golden Opportunity.

And the younger you are, the more likely you are to succeed. But it's never too late, for anyone.

First of all, you have to understand the Rules of the Game. This means that you must understand the value of a country's GDP and where that value comes from, what it really represents. Everything you buy contributes to GDP. If GDP is growing it is a good sign, if it is falling it is because there are serious economic problems installed. You need to notice these signs. In just 6 months everything can change, it is extremely fast, usually for the worse, if there is no care and control, if there is no investment. And Panic!

This pandemic is proof of that. Many lost their jobs, homes, are full of debt and all this in a short time, even less than 6 months. It is an endless spiral. Or not?

What causes the recession? We can point out immense reasons, although it is difficult to identify exactly, but one thing is certain in 2020 - the crisis caused by the global confinement and economic downturn due to the Corona Virus pandemic. It is an endless snowball. Or it seems.

So we can say that the first rule to take into account is:

. Nobody can predict markets exactly.

One thing I know and have already learned: whatever happens, NEVER PANIC! It was precisely PANIC that helped this recession. Edward Snowden said it in all letters.

So think about it: rule number 2

. The market will always have ways to recover. But you must help.

Of course, in the middle, there are always those who suffer and even die, but the market can always recover, it's like a yo-yo movement that comes and goes like the waves of the sea. Sometimes it is flat, other times it comes with force and other times it recedes and fades, but it can also grow like a beast.

3rd rule:

. The market will always break down in one way or another, it's just a matter of time.

That's why I repeat: DO NOT PANIC. You lose everything. Don't listen to the MEDIA, or part of them.

How should we be prepared for a recession?

When the economy is growing, in our mind we think that everything is improving and the trend is to spend, spend, spend, buy, buy, buy. It is basically the first step towards disaster. It's always emotional.

“Money first, party later”, my 1st rule of 12. Do you remember?

Do the opposite:

.Save what you can, because then in the next recession it will be very useful and valuable to you. Spend only what you need, but keep spending.

. Build and grow your capital

. Avoid Debt at all costs.

. Study the interest rate

Coming into a recession, new taxes and fees appear to pay. We know that.

. Invest in gold and silver if you can. In the long run it will be worth a fortune.

A gold ingot is not that expensive. The economic collapse is always closer than you can imagine and so you will be prepared.

What to do during the economic collapse?

Death, divorce and defaults are the most observed phenomena in a moment of economic collapse. If there were some who did not know, now with the pandemic they learned under pressure. There is less money circulating, money becomes more expensive and the lack of it, is dramatic in our lives.

Panic makes people buy less and sell everything, their stocks, their houses ... because they are all afraid of running out of money. The problem is that during a recession, assets lose value, usually drop.

Switzerland is doing exactly the opposite, it does not lower real estate values ​​for example. I think that although difficult for the majority in times of crisis, in the medium to long term this is good for maintaining the balance.

So where is the opportunity in a Recession truly? How to profit?

. Reinvest in the economy that is collapsing. Do not panic and continue to buy, with clear prudence, but buy and above all, buy nationally, from the producer, the farmer, the grocer, etc. You already know rule 2: the market always has ways to recover.

. Buy at a low price and sell at a higher price. Buy well to sell even better.

. Good time to buy a house, because precisely because of Death, Divorce and Defaults, people lower the selling price of their homes. A great opportunity to invest in Real Estate, that is, buy low and sell high or rent, increase your cash flow ("your dairy milky cow"). Do you remember?

If you follow this process, you will have savings to invest in the next recession. That's how you get rich. You do not need to win the Lottery, as it does not happen out of the blue.

My second rule of 12: be an Ant and not a cicada. When others are in despair, you, quietly in your corner, will be much more comfortable.

. Great time to buy stocks, which in times of crisis go down and are much cheaper. Here comes the feeling that you watch most during the recession: Emotion. It's because? Because everyone is panicked and terrified.

You will see that if you know what you are doing, in 5 to 7 years your investment will be at least 4 times more profitable and returnable. The true story of “Tio Scrooge”.

. Study and research companies like Groupon, Wallmart and Dollar Tree for example and see their evolution. When did they grow the most? Well, you already know, in moments of Recession. During these periods these companies offer consumers discounts, lower prices, promotions.

Remember: we talk about Emotions. In other words, these companies, with these strategic price reduction measures, reach people's emotions in times of crisis and everyone runs there, because they feel that they solve some of their problems. And so it grows, it builds tons of money that never seems to end. After all, it's not that hard to understand, right? But there are many more examples, all of them known, like Amazon, now with entertainment, which, during confinement, was the virtual companion of many of us, or Netflix...

They are rotten with rich people. The same with online gaming companies, virtual casino’s, tobacco and alcohol. They know that they are the form of escape that we have during a pandemic period. While you and I stayed at home, they put on their coffers.

So there is a strong chance that you will be ridiculously the next multimillionaire.

Change your mindset!

Get ready!


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