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Updated: Sep 22, 2019

You go to bed every day at dawn. Tired of fighting so much. It's all wrong. Everything seems to be going in the opposite direction. Finally, you fall asleep. Maybe tomorrow everything will be different and better.

You wake up even more tired. Nothing has changed or is worse than yesterday.

You go to work and think:

I don't understand. I'm a loser. Why me?

You start formatting that thought in your head and you automatically put on the role of victim.

You don't understand why nobody gives you a chance if you are good enough in what you do. Why do others succeed and you don't? You think you've done everything, but even so, it seems the Universe is against you.

You rebel against yourself, against everything and everyone. You unload your poison on others without noticing it.

Yes, it was you who created that poison and not the others.

You have become weak and easy to reach, to manipulate, to attack, to deceive.

Suddenly you are a target to be shot down. Everyone sees, except you. It's stamped on your face.

You are no longer able to leave home, socialize, work, take care of yourself. You're finished!

The weight is so powerful that you seem to be carrying a ton on your shoulders. You bow your head and hide.

You can't take it anymore...

In this case, in my humble opinion, You only have two possible options:

. eventually, you choose to be a loser one for the rest of your life or self-destruct;

. or you breathe and finally you start thinking cold-headed. It's free. You don't need anyone to do it.

You leave that hell or limbo you got yourself into and start over. From scratch.

Something is beginning to change in your mind, in your attitudes.

If you were born to lead, what are you waiting for?

You are not remotely controlled. You think for yourself.

Everything you learned was interesting, but it wasn't enough. School never taught you reality. Only theory and history, although fabulous things. Your teachers, your parents, your friends, themselves formatted by the system, probably did their best, but they were never told that to win you don't even need a diploma. They just told you that education is fundamental and that you have to study to have a future, security, a job, a livelihood, to have diplomas and certificates, to be someone.

None of that is wrong, but it is not enough. Much less effective.

Being someone is much more than that. It's not saying "I can't do it".

It's saying: "How can I do it?

There is no magic formula, but the fact is that if you don't understand this, you will never advance, you won't evolve. You become a slave of the system. You settle down and let go.

First of all, you have to know who you are, what do you want, what do you like. Sometimes it takes a long time to understand. Normal. We are distracted with so much information...

You have to be a lot smarter than that.

Only then, something will change and everyone will look at you with respect.

Above all, find yourself and trace your true destiny. You can be very happy where you least expect to be. You just have to want to.

It is forbidden to give up!

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