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No more "Bla-Bla-Bla" meetings! How to create Your Freedom lifestyle? Working online...

For many of us, we now know that having a classic job from 8 or 9am to 6pm is not very attractive, it is routine, not creative and even difficult to find in some cases. Classic work sometimes does not provide us with quality time for family, for our projects and dreams, and for ourselves.

 Working online can be a solution, either part time or full time. It's an everyday discovery. But in what? Be careful about scams, ok?

 There is no 100% right answer to this question, but the only thing I know is that if we are looking to work online, this activity should be one of our passions and / or our domain of knowledge, as in any kind of business.

 It is curious that for women, they seek to work online to have more time for their children, seniors and the rest of their families. It is also the case of more introvert people, having more expressiveness online, managing to surprise in this way with their ideas.

 Online work can be individual or team work, but it is an increasingly productive reality.

 It may be your opportunity to finally achieve a big change in your life.

  It is a way to go, as it requires knowledge, some training and resilience.

 You need to be aware of the tools that are available and easily accessible, free or with paid subscription; A little marketing knowledge and training is required (because if we are not seen, no one will show interest in our business or activity). Knowing how to promote a business online takes time, patience and is a constant job.

 Whether it is in services or online commerce, you should bet on a good web structure, with a credible image (original or even classic), a good logo, a proper web language with keywords, tags, quality and with a business activity that have interest for potential customers. Today, more than ever, you should be able to show users (potential customers) that what makes you being available on the Internet is a real passion, and if you can convey that passion in what you do, you show customer dedication (meeting a need), you will have medium to long term a guaranteed success.

  Are you excited? Great! Then this article is for you!

  Start thinking about it, if that's your case, and try to plan this big endeavor that can change your life forever.

  So what are the reasons and / or advantages for working online? There are a lot of them, but I, in my humble view, will specify some interesting ones.

  1 - Saves money; It does not require as much or no physical structure at all and even the business activity can be started online at very low cost. You can even open your business and manage from home or from a coffee-shop, wherever you are, just a click away. If it is an individual activity, the fees are minimal. You can eat at home, not having to spend extra money on meals, taking transport, getting cold or hot, or having car expenses, etc. By saving money and time, you can save some banknotes for that trip you had been thinking about for so long, but you had not had that opportunity yet.

  2 - You are or can be your own boss. You don't need to get approval from anyone. In this case you have complete freedom of decision, but you also have to bear the consequences, obviously. Don't give in to temptation and focus on your goal by following your plan rigorously, even if you have to make adjustments.

 3 - Saves Time. You will be more available, for example, to undertake your skills, improve your marketing knowledge, learn new things that are very useful for your new business. Be more productive! You will no longer waste time at “bla bla bla” meetings.


  4 - You will not be so dependent on lazy employees or whose work may jeopardize yours. Find the balance between your private, social and professional life at your own pace and the pace of your business. There are no toxic human situations here nor office dramas! Less Drama means more Joy!

  5 - There are no routine schedules. You can plan to work at a time that suits you, even at 3 or 4 am, as long as it is the best time for you, be more free and calm. There are no impositions in general, because the world time zone is varied, and here it can be day time and on the other side of the world it can be night time or vice versa. You can stop at any time, have a sandwich and drink some juice or have coffee or tea, smoke a cigarette, have a nap, whatever you want.

  6 - You just need a good computer and a good internet connection.

  I could point out here many more advantages and reasons for working online, but these are the most basic and upstream seem most obvious and immediate.

The key is to save money, earn more, have more time for other things or use it for what interests you, create a quality lifestyle and freedom, being useful to your customers. Why? Because! Never forget that neither will you be successful if you do not work on what you like or master, nor will your business be successful if it is not useful to your clients, because without them, your work will be a kind of monologue for the blind and deaf.

Be Happy!

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