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Self-awareness! Tell the truth. 6th rule of 12

I've studied my whole life. I continue to study!

It has always been conveyed to me that school and education were essential for training you for real life. However, I, who am an educator but also an entrepreneur, quickly realized that the school did not teach me anything for life. The school, I regret to inform, in general, fails every day with people who are entrepreneurial by nature. The school has to change urgently. The school is built for workers, employees, not entrepreneurs. Obviously, not everyone is born an entrepreneur. I did succeed in school, though. As an entrepreneur it was not enough, it fell far short. I am the daughter of successful entrepreneurs in the textile area, but I already thought I knew a lot. Not after all. I learned it late when I decided to take an intensive International Executive MBA because I started my first business and created my school in 2000, which I managed for about 15 years successfully as many other projects... I realized there that it was finally zero. I had everything to learn. I learned that what my parents knew, their name in the square, was not enough and that when we create or try to create a product, the market doesn't want to know who your parents are, the market wants to know about your product, if it satisfy some of your needs and is good at finding solutions to people's problems.

I had money at the time. It's enough? NOooooo...

Self-awareness, call it what you will, I don't know.

What I do know is that I know what is important to pass on to new generations. I know it. The important thing is to create ecosystems so that the people around us, my students, my followers, speak the truth. Telling the truth still seems taboo. I, at least, tell the truth.

I am always insisting on this: - Tell the truth. People who love us often don't tell us the truth.

We live in different, painful, extremely challenging times, sometimes very troubled, like this Covid pandemic19. However, I still think that these are times of opportunity. For example, the mobile phone took on the role of Television and Television became a kind of Radio. Everything is changing fast and everyday things happen. Telling stories and knowing how to tell them has become big business. But if so, at least tell the truth.

It is already the second book I write on this topic - The Truth. It is no accident.

The internet is a serious phenomenon. Most of us think not and think that the internet is a faits-divers and that it serves for posts and talking about the lives of others, spreading false news and conspiracies, leisure and leisure. Today I see the internet as something very important and very serious, a work tool above all. Obviously, social networks are different and each one has its context and in each one we have to take advantage of the qualities and services differently, a different approach.

The language of the internet is changing. You need to be aware of these signs. Knowing how to add value to your online business depends a lot on how you address your audience. It is not enough to offer products because there is more and more choice. You have to add value to your product, you have to give to receive and ask your audience what they want.

You have to create your algorithm, metaphorically speaking. Too much information is boring and has no interest. With the internet, we are making society in general younger. Controversial? Yes, but understandable. The use of emojis, smiles in our messages, for example, not only by young people but people over 45, means that technology seems to make people's behavior younger. That is the logic. And the younger you are, the more easily you will succeed.

As I told you in my 5th rule of 12, for those who follow my Blog, in our lives everything is Emotion. Everything that is proposed to us technologically should try to respond to our Emotions. If it is not a solution to solve our Emotions / Problems, it is useless, it has no interest. The consumer does not want to buy just to have, above all, to Buy Happiness, transform a dream into Reality.

If your company or project is unable to create Emotion, it is as if it did not exist.

Don't forget: Self-awareness!

Money is very important. If you don't understand this, it is not worth starting. Treat your money well. He's valuable.

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