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8th Rule of 12. The Biggest Challenges for Making Money on the Internet.

It is urgent to know what are the biggest challenges of the Web Industry to make money. Thus, you will easily know what your true focus will be to succeed.

This does not mean that what you are doing isn't right, if it is your case, but if you fail in any of these items, it means that you will probably not be successful at least from your work on the Internet.

Currently, only about 8% of Internet Marketers know what the real challenges are in this industry and I will now reveal myself so that you can really take advantage and start making money.

Are you ready? Here are 4 essential questions or challenges for you to reflect on deeply… The challenge is to find your true answers:

1 - What is your target market?

2 - How do you build an appropriate sales system for this market?

3 - How do you get a lot of traffic to your sales system?

4 - How do you do it, and what do you do to speed up the sales process, making your prospects go into action and potential clients make the purchase?

So let's talk a little bit about #Challenge #1 .

1 - What is your target market?

You may have seen on the Internet, I don't know if it's even your case, people sharing an opportunity or product to anyone else who appears to you. Usually what happens is that these people with this kind of strategy are unable to create a pleasant relationship between the two (the seller or promoter and the customer, distributor or viewer). It turns out that this relationship is an essential differential in direct selling, and hence gives a banal impression of the seller who is simply trying to sell his “fish” cheaply.

What people in general dislike the most is seeing a salesperson selling. Exactly. Worse still, these types of salespeople are wasting their precious time, aiming guns everywhere and thus will not get a single sale or distributor.

Believe me, this is not only a question of numbers, because if that were so then we would all be rich and this is not the case.

So you first need to know what your niche market is, where you are going to direct your efforts towards creating relationships with these people.

For that you have to know what people need in that market, what they feel, what they think, what they want, in order to be able to present a solution through your product or your opportunity. You'll see it works much better. It is completely different.

I am creating an online course that will be launched at the end of this September and I will give you all the answers in detail to these four challenges or questions to help you.

Register at to receive my ebook course along with some explanatory videos at the end of September 2020.

The first 100 subscribers will have a 50% discount on the pre-order.

By the way, I leave you here with an interesting short video about direct sales.

The direct selling business is going to last, it is not new, but it does not stop and will not stop growing. It is definitely the business of the 21st century.

This industry represents billions of dollars annually worldwide, because it has low risk and achieves a high return. It doesn't exactly require much experience.

People today no longer support so much information overload, messages, emails. However, they still believe in personal recommendations, from friends and family. The referral of a friend is sometimes what sells best, the so-called “word-of-mouth” sale, referential marketing.

Spending rivers of money on advertising no longer works as it used to.

Companies prefer to pay people who do it directly and online, giving referrals from person to person. These indications can be given at work, at the cafe, over the phone or over the internet.

Tom Peter’s - former Mc Kinsey consultant and author of best sellers, argues that direct selling is in fact the first major marketing revolution.

Why do you think there are so many people today with their business or company based in their own home? Yeah. The world of work has changed for you, for me, for companies too.

Teleworking is a reality and in addition, technology direct selling companies provide you with practically all the tools you need to start your work, at a very low cost and being able to obtain more benefits. You don't need to move or often have a boss. You can even work part time and keep your job, making additional earnings. You just have to focus on the goal. You just have to find your niche, your target audience and know how to talk to them. You will need to look for a company on the web that works credibly and correctly with a product or service that you are passionate about and that you believe in.

So, don't forget:

The first 100 subscribers will have a 50% discount on the pre-order.

Register at to receive my ebook course along with some explanatory videos at the end of September 2020.

You must say obligatorily on the link field "Specify Course Name/Comments" to benefit from this discount of 50%:

I want my online course of The Biggest Challenges for Making Money on the Internet. (Copy this phrase and paste it).

You will only pay at launch, but your registration guarantees 50% discount. I promise, or I'm not Maria Clara.

Stay tuned.

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