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The Explosive Growth. Why China is the most developed country in the World?

Capitalism in its most intimate meaning.

China is a place where people are getting wealthier like never before. Where more millionaires and billionaires are being created than anywhere else on earth. The most rapid economical transformation of History. All the most successful companies are there: Amazon, Google, Tesla, Airbus, Apple, IBM, Oracle, Cisco, Emerson, Electronics, Videa, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm, DuPont, Whirlpool, Mattel, Phillip's Lighting, RadioShack, Texas Instruments, 3M, Broadcom, Black+Decker, Toshiba, GoPro and many more.

In Beijing and Hong Kong as in other Asian places, no one carries money in their pockets, no credit cards, there are no ATMs and there are few that uses paychecks. There's a new radical pay exchange with an App. If you want to buy a coffee, you pay with the App. They don't accept cash. You don't need money in a traditional way for nothing. In a way is safer, but on the other way, money starts to lose his physical identity. You just need to have battery on your mobile phone. Alipay and Wechat are required: the green QR code for Wechat and the blue QR code for Alipay. You have also Taobao, the biggest e-commerce platform in the world, much bigger than Amazon.

You see stores without employees, cars that drive themselves, facial recognition security, you see technology everywhere. It's light-years from all the rest of the world, and so rapid that even if we ran like them, now it would be very difficult to achieve the same status of life. This is AI – Artificial Intelligence. Everything is integrated with Wechat, that is integrated with your bank Chinese account. As simple as that.

The money that is pouring in and being made is huge and it doesn't stop. It's hunger's money. It's the biggest wealth creation of Humankind. This is the country of the Great Wall. They think big and maybe there is the difference. In just one generation ago, just one, they changed completely, even from a political point of view. Of course, it's a communist country but not the same communist country that was before. They are the best capitalists in the World. Experts say that East countries are more communist than China. In just 30-50 years everything has changed. Yes, it's recent. About 40 years ago, there were a lot of poor in China, no electricity at night, no water every day, no healthcare, no sufficient transportation, education wasn't for all, there was rationed food and coupons for families, luckily one new outfit in a year, etc. There were no skyscrapers like there are today.

Chinese people are disciplined, ambitious, hard working, educated, they don't stop working. They don't want poverty anymore. They work all day and all night. They recycle everything. The most socking is that they recycle to make money, not for a question of saving the environment. Maybe they are starting to think about it, I hope. 

Shenzhen was a little old village only with about 300 000 people with no taxis, no cars, no buses. Today there are about 11 million people. It's the centre of the biggest manufacturing conglomeration on the planet. The Shenzhen GDP is roughly the size of Russia. There was nothing there like today and it just happened in 38 years. It's estimated that about 66 million people make business there today, with about 400 million air passengers flying per year. Not even the US was so fast. It's considered a threat to the US economy. Like a warped economic force. It's an undeniable fact: they are the Global Power and the second-largest economy of the world and probably it will be the largest very soon.

It took only 22 years to urbanize China, 120 years in the UK and 80 Years in the US. Now make the comparison.

China is no longer the country that produces only cheap clothes, services or all kinds of low value products. They are producing Quality, and with all the technology and the people they have, they still at the Top. We cannot compete with China and they are no longer a low-value label anymore. Their strategy was to large the population with low labour costs. Now they achieved their goal, the strategy is Quality. And they will not stop.

How can we compete with that?! If we work more, with more technology, maybe it's possible, but I don't think it's going to be easy.

I see the future with China and America working together, but they are like enemies in social media and the interests aren't converging. There is a lot of political and media misinformation. This is a problem for Europe and America.

That is the main question.

Hope the future combines a real synergy that helps to develop a better life for all. Capitalism in this way isn't a global solution.

We have to row all to the same side. We all have the right to have a better life.

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