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Time Management - A Myth or an Important Reality?

Time management is of colossal importance, both in private and professional life. It's not a Myth.

"Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today" - a phrase often used in Portugal.

Imagine you don't have an organized work plan, you have a lot of things to do, you're multipurpose, your day is only 24 hours, and at least you should set aside 6 to 7 hours to sleep and rest. How will you produce in this situation? Don't be so optimistic, because that's not how things work.

The human brain needs to remember that it has to produce, to be aware that it must organize tasks, one by one, in a logical sequence, in order to achieve effective and efficient production.

It's not easy? It is, but you have some work to do - Time Management.

How to manage your time?

It takes tools, awareness and planning.

Task planning is sometimes boring work, but it helps a lot. Without planning, we often perform ad hoc tasks, without any sequential logic, and often force us to backtrack because we realize that we make mistakes, leave priority things undone, and end up producing less or not producing anything relevant, reaching unnecessary costs. That's why we talk about service optimization.

The process, in my humble view, goes something like this:

Good optimization is only possible, knowing the mistakes to avoid, going back in time (Analepse) to anticipate problems (Prolepse), planning (Planus Facere), skipping unnecessary and redundant tasks (Elipse ), using technological and human instruments, and also methods, the appropriate ones to each particular situation to obtain positive results.

Optimization Time Process:

If the results are not positive, then optimization has failed. So we have to rethink the process and monitor what is wrong. This is a constant and challenging job.

How to monitor? In general, there are no secrets.

. You must be clear and rigorous in your goals, as long as they are SMART (Strategic, Measurable, Ambitious or Achievable, Realistic and Temporal).

. Discipline

.  Schedule each task/action, as reference

.  Try to do one thing at a time, step by step

.  Be aware of and respect priorities

. Use a technology App to help you organize tasks

Time is precious and costs money.

But if you're creative, how can you manage your time thinking "outside the box"?

That's a good question, as you may end up falling out of your guideline and you risk losing yourself in the middle of the process. But if you set priorities, even thinking "outside the box" can be part of that process, as long as you are always focused on to reach the goal. For that, just readjust it.

Artist: António Variações (António Joaquim Rodrigues Ribeiro)

Translations: English

It Is for Tomorrow

You could very well do it today

Because tomorrow I know you will be delaying again

And you well know how time flees

But you do nothing to grab it

Another day and you did nothing

One more day you think it's fine

Another day comes and everything repeats

And you let everything remain the same

It is for tomorrow

You could very well live today

Because tomorrow who knows if you will be here

Oh you well know how life flees

Even if you think it lasts

Another day and you lived nothing

You let the days always pass the same

When you think about the time you lost

Then you will want it but it's too late

It is for tomorrow

Nevermind, don't do it today

Because tomorrow all will get fixed

Oh you well know how work flees

Even if you say you want to work

I know you are looking for

That place that suits you

You can't seem to like what shows up

And what you like is already filled

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