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10th rule of 12 - Never confuse work with a Job. Which companies will survive in the XXII century?

I have been very busy lately with the writing and translation of my recent Short Story - The Truth - A Verdade, which will soon come out in the English version and which did not allow me to publish this rule in due time.

So here goes rule #10 - Never confuse work with a job.

Do you think it's important? Yes? No? Perhaps?

It's really important. I would say it is even a matter of survival. Because?

The environment around us is exponential. Change is inevitable. So the question we can ask is the following:

_Which companies will be able to survive in the remaining 21st and 22nd centuries?

To answer this question, we must first of all recognize the current situation, which for some (few) seems to be prolific, but for most of us it seems to be null or almost impossible.

So let's see.

In my opinion, the companies that will be able to survive, with some exceptions, are those that have 3 fundamental aspects:

1- those who think digitally

2- those that have a digital identity

3- and those that create the so-called “digital economy”

However, what use is it that most of us want to create a digital economy, if most of the time we do not know or want to think digitally ???? !!!!

Exactly. Serving people online is not thinking digitally nor is that what we are talking about. To claim that serving people on facebook or any other platform is not “thinking digitally”. This is just using a more accessible way today to reach people. This is "digital presence" and that's it.

If digital presence were the secret, we would all be rich and it is not the case.

This is nothing new. The influencers themselves are becoming obsolete and will remain mostly because they are and will be replaced by digital robots capable of doing it for you.

For “digital thinking” to occur, there must be ways to go beyond the physical, biological and digital world. That's what this is about.

What does this have to do with the world of work?

Everything is already undeniable. Wake up to this.

The concept of work has changed and will change more and more, almost radically.

Like the “ecological footprint”, the “digital footprint” is a reality and it is knocking on all of us.

It is very likely that in the next 20 years, about 57% of robots will replace most of our functions, especially if they are repetitive functions.

What are the most likely professions in the future?

According to the University of Oxford, there is a list of new interesting and fun professions, which, perhaps, today will make you laugh, but which will be a reality. The Touch and GO reality.

For example:

. Civilian Drone Pilot

. Garbage Designer

. Urban Farmers

. Data Feng Shui

. Robot Psychologist. And this one, huh? They will probably also go crazy and even develop a language among them that we will have difficulty understanding

. Genetic Consultant

. Clean Energy Manager

. Old Age Planner

. Nostalgist. Yes, nostalgist. People who will remind us of the past (the smell of the land, the sea, simple things today, which for many will probably be just a memory)

. VR film director

and many others...

We will need disruptive plasticity to overcome problems. It will not be enough to be resilient.

There will probably be less Curriculum and more Intrinsic Values, what you really mean to me and not exactly what you do or don't do. The important thing is that I know that with you I can connect. So we'll be in tune.

Life and work will be confused, almost one.

There will be fewer Heads and more Tutors.

More hacking, more influence, in which the remuneration of your work will be a consequence and not a right.

It's a little scary, isn't it? Yeah, but don't make it a “7-headed bug”.

Think digitally and how to overcome barriers, become valued and plastic, disruptively hacked (digitally speaking, if I make myself understood).

Do not forget that the human world is already beginning to be thought of technologically and the Human-Machine merger will be a reality.

For many this is wonderful, for others it is a kind of aberration. It was scheduled for 2045 and now anticipated for 2039. It is already tomorrow.

This does not mean that you will be less Human, on the contrary. You will be prepared for the future, the future that is already today.

Whoever is able to understand this Fusion and the Value of Humanity, will surely be rich and survive.

The human side will always be more important because of human connections. The technological side will always be a means to achieve an objective and will be part of the human world, as it always has. We are only now beginning to realize it ...

Like Plato, the Philosopher, in the “Allegory of the Cave”, we must realize that it is maybe on the dark side, in the shadows and that frightens us, that the Truth may will be or not be. The cave is our life most of the time, what we see and think we know, not realizing what the true reality is, although our perception is always limited, like the shadows.

I send Digital and Human kisses for everyone.

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