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11th rule of 12 - Please, if you want to survive, think digitally!

The future of Internet, Brain net, Artificial Intelligence and Humans - The Education of tomorrow.

Digitize everything about what some experts called “the middle man”, write down all the places where there is weakness, frustration, friction, obstruction, list all places in any sector. It combines all this with Artificial Intelligence.

That Intelligence will give you conclusions and solutions that you can offer to people. That's what people needs: solutions to their problems!

So, “You will be a new leader and billionaire” (Michio Kaku).

Did you know that in Blockchains you already have an artificial entity making decisions for you? This will happen in all or almost everything that humans do.

It is passionate but it is also scary, because it is still unknown and we are afraid of what we do not know yet. It is in our nature.

But it is a fact and it is happening little by little. There's no turning back.

I believe that we can no longer ignore this reality. Let's see what the experts Michio Kaku, Jack Ma and others tell us.

They say that:

The chips will soon be a reality and will be connected with our brain, just as the robots will be part of everyday life in everything, in the car, at home, at work, in health, in our bank, in sports. Everything will be connected. Hopefully it will also be for fraud and corruption. I hope so, but that already gave material to many other articles and it is not my goal to talk about it now.

80% of businesses in the next 30 years will be part of the internet and I honestly think that it is beginning to be proven that whoever follows this evolution, will always have work, this will create many more and new jobs.

Any business of the future, whether large or small, will be part of the global internet network. The internet is today just as important as electricity.

The digital economy is already part of our lives.

Therefore, the internet can be the solution to many problems. What for most average humans is just a diversion and a means of discharging frustration and weakness and hate or even love, has now become a very serious thing for those who study these weaknesses in many humans and take advantage of it (so they are billionaires). They exploit our Emotions and earn money, a lot of money.

This is Power!

Any business will be a global business, and there is no longer this strange thing of saying that this is a Chinese, European or Indian business, etc. It will only be global and cyber. Period.

The manufacturing industry will be digital and automated almost entirely and will not create jobs. There will be new jobs in the service area. That is my belief.

But there are Big Challenges yet to come.

The biggest challenge will be in the Education of future generations, this is a matter of concern. If we continue to teach and educate in the same way that we have educated in the last 100 years, this will bring problems of readaptation and our young people will not be well prepared for this new life and reality.

Education will have to be reformulated and rethought, hybrid and updated, with a strong investment in technology.

Why? For a very simple reason:

if automation is supposed to be smarter, machines will be smarter than us humans, so how are we going to compete with them? Never.

For this reason Education has to change urgently, and be applied at 3 levels, according to experts, 3 levels of Intelligence: EQ, IQ and LQ, that is, Emotional, Intellectual and Love Intelligence.

If not, the next generations will never understand or cooperate with the machines or take advantage of them to their benefit, they will never understand this new language.

The future is Science and Technology in a Win-Win perspective for Humans. That is, if we realize that we will benefit from this evolution, then humans will cooperate. Until then, there will always be many doubts and lack of belief, conspiracy theories ...

It will take time for humans to realize this. However, those who have already realized are already benefiting a lot and are light years ahead of the rest of the world.

I honestly don't think that machines and robots are The Case Study.

The Human Being, yes, he is a constant case study. We are and will always be unique.

There is still so much to discover about the human being. So, I think that maybe we are able to create machines and artificial intelligences to fill our gaps, since even we do not yet understand very well who we are and why we exist.

Anyway, I am convinced of one thing:

We must plan and choose our children's future education very well.

And, please, if you want to survive, you should start thinking digitally!

I am trying to re-educate myself in this sense and trying to wake up to this Reality.

Why deny the obvious, if in fact we are all using it? It takes time to understand, but it is undeniable.

This is the New World, the World that we created. So, it's ours!

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