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12th Rule of 12. Don’t you dare not to fight for your dreams. No excuses. Add Value to Yourself.

**Award Winning** CGI 3D Animated Le Gouffre Short Film by Lightning Boy Studio - Carl Beauchemin, Thomas Chrétien, David Forest. Featured on An inspiring tale about friendship, sacrifice and conquering the impossible.

We live strange times. But as they are strange, they are also challenging, so what you have to lose? Nothing.

Hit back. Don’t get locked in a cage. Your Value it’s to be You, to be Different.

Haters will tell you to quit many times. They will tell you it’s difficult. Or They won’t tell you nothing at all. Your thoughts will tell you it’s impossible. Friends will tell you it’s easy, sometimes. No, it’s not. But impossible? No way! So, forget the others, this is about You, and Me, Each one of us.

A Dream can become a Reality only if you refuse to quit. So, Dream Big.

Imagine that most of your free time, you spend listening to music, seeing comments on your social network, leisure ... It's not that bad, because sometimes we also need leisure. But why not make the most of that time that you spend without producing anything during the whole year and producing one of your dreams? The pleasure will be immense.

So, how to achieve your goals faster?

There’s no magic formula, but you must believe. No one’s coming to push you.

If you want to write a book, do it. If you want to create a business, do it. If you want to build something …, do it. Whatever you want.

Do everything you’ve never done before. But, do it.

It’s in your power to turn it into a reality.

No one will do it for you like you do.

If you truly want to do it, you’ll be good enough to make it. We are a lot more than we think. Focus. Clean up your head first.

Schedule your time. Take control of the situation. Put behind every excuses, there are a million. So, take action.

Practice your skills. Take the opportunity to do a training, for example. Take some minutes per day to do that without being tired and bored. The days aren’t all the same and there are days that, for a variety of reasons, we are unable to produce. In that case, I think the ideal is not to insist. Tomorrow you'll try again, but never stop.

You just have to take a decision. As simple as that.

You’ll still be the same person, but for sure a better person. You will be the same person, but this time more complete and with Added Value - the 12th rule of 12.

This is a good story:

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