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Competency Mapping – What, Why and How? A HRM - Management & Productivity Tool.

Setting up a company is not just about paperwork and structure.

Discover the map of competencies for efficient business management. DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

Competency mapping consists of defining the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in each position within a company and / or understanding the competencies of employees already working in the company and how to enhance them in different positions or functions.

The most common question among entrepreneurs who want to start a company is: Where to start? Just have an idea to make money and that's it?

Time teaches what is necessary for those who learn alone. The problem is that self-taught people end up losing direction. Where does the study subject begin and end? What skills do you need?

Measuring helps to direct you to the right place and prevents any chance of going backwards. I turned this map into a monthly knowledge analysis system using an Excel spreadsheet, which I am making available here for free for your own use. It may be interesting and fun for you. The model was adapted.

How to use this map? It is divided into 3 types of competencies: a) Technical b) Behavioral c) Strategic

The metric system is based on grades from 0 (zero) to 10,

. where 0 (zero) is without domain of the subject,

. 2 is basic domain,

. 6 medium domain

. and 10 full domain. It is a self-assessment. You will immediately realize that the full mastery of any of these skills does not exist. You will quickly reach the areas where you should invest or decide to specialize. you'll have to make choices. Be sincere and strict.

Let's do it simple.

Each competency requires time, experience and a lot of study to reach a satisfactory level.

Download the map for free and improve your skills.

Click on the link below:

you will be redirected to another page (to my Product): 
(Map of Competencies).

You can progress from month to month for a period of 6 or 12 months and at the end you make your general map to get an idea of your evolution in each competence or domain. Change it and use it as you wish.

Good work! Have fun!

P.S. If you have some problems with the download, please email me and I will send you immediately.

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