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Toxic Managers Burn Good Collaborators - The Rotten Banana's.

I will tell you an interesting story.

A Rotten Banana never has a good content. A Toxic Boss or Manager is enough to burn you in the market. Sometimes we give our best to an institution, because we love what we do, because we are useful and we want to help. It's correct. That makes sense. There are several signs that denounce a toxic boss: 1 - If he thinks he is always right. He only values ​​those who lick his boots and does not challenge him (in a good way). 2 - He clearly demonstrates who his favorites are and makes a point of underestimating the performance of others. 3 - He takes credit for your work. You probably won't even be invited to the meeting room anymore. 4 - He sucks. He's only interested in his career development. 5 - He will never give you constructive feedback. It will deconstruct and confuse. 6 - Makes inappropriate comments and gestures. Sometimes seems bipolar and contradictory. 7 - He can create conflicts in work teams. 8 - You discover that He demoralizes or humiliates you in public. 9 - He Neglects your work. 10 - He has no Integrity. Makes promises and then: NOTHING! ZERO! We have several toxic situations here. Of course, fortunately it doesn't happen everywhere. But it is still a very present reality. First: if the objective of this Institution is not the same as that of the employees, that is, success, credibility, then Ethics is completely under the carpet. Forget it. You either accept and resign yourself to your insignificance, or else give up and leave as soon as possible. Second: If you are smarter than your Boss, convince yourself that in these cases, you are doomed. Third: If you work hard and the customers of that company recognize, you can be a target to shoot. Fourth: If you speak intelligently and question the system constructively giving possible solutions, it is better to remain silent. You are being paid to produce, not to speak. Fifth: If you know he is like that, there are complaints and you try to help, he will not accept. It is not his priority. His priority is money, come as it comes, clean or not. Therefore, everything else is landscape. It's not even worth wasting time. Sixth: All the employees of this Boss or Institution are in some way burned in the market, whether they are at fault or not. They will hardly be invited to work in another Competition Institution. If you leave that Institution and it is not Good (market perception), then it is because you are not competent, you have also a bad name on the circuit and you will carry that cross for your entire life. Within a radius of many kilometers, you become without knowing a kind of rotten banana that has become part of a smelly fruit salad that no one wants to have on the menu. In fact you are not the rotten banana, but you are the victim of that bad recipe. Unfortunately, some institutions that have adopted a toxic recruitment model in which the CV and a simple recommendation, sometimes dubious, are enough to hire. Maybe they bet on the wrong Horse, sorry for the irony. They don't know the person, they haven't seen him/her work. Another rotten banana in this viral behavior. A kind of trend?! What can you do to defend yourself from this scenario? Assuming that the best asset of a company is people, starting with its employees, especially those who are competent, you don't have many alternatives, but don't give up. 1 - Try to develop Coping Strategies, try to find allies, because you are not the only one to know or feel the problem. 2 - Talk to your boss in private, tell him openly that this behavior is misunderstood and that he may not have noticed his/her behavior. It may not work, but at least you have a lighter conscience and he learned that you know. 3 - Talk to the HR Department. They have to know what is going on and you will soon see the reaction. 4 - Resign yourself. If you tried all the other steps and nothing positive worked, this institution is not for you. Don't even look back. However, don't forget to always weigh the pros and cons of your decision. But if it's the best step to follow, do it! Enough is enough. Change. If you are Good and you know it, you will be Good elsewhere, or even Alone. You already have an advantage on your side. You already know what you don't want, so ... Go ahead!

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