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Green and Digital – our new Era – “The Great Reset”

In 2020, We had to learn something of enormous importance. Perhaps in the worst way, but as I usually say: "there are evils that come for good".

#Education is the Key. It’s a Huge Opportunity. It’s time.

Lifelong Education, Skills, mostly digital, are very important for the Future of our new generations. So, we still do need the in-school and in-person Schooling, but also digital. About 52 % of the population is online connected, but the other 48% isn’t yet. There’s a lot to do.

The problem is that In a connected world, we have a lot of information and very fast, but decision makers have difficulties in deciding, because they don't have much time in the face of popular and event pressure.

There’s a #Big #Reset in place. So, we cannot close our eyes and ignore. Things will never be the same again. Make no mistake. Never again.

Think #Green and #Digital. Both are related now more than ever.

Why Green? Because our Planet has serious problems, pollution, global warming, poisoned waters and all the food chain is threatened, human and animal health too. I would say, a matter of survival.

The pandemic is also proof of this, I believe. It forced us to think, reflect, show who we are after all and made us react differently.

We are harming our planet for a long time. But now we have knowledge and technology and goodwill. We want to do better. Most of our governments are worried about it, and we, each one of us, should be too. This is now ours and their Agenda too.

It’s a turning point in #Humankind.

The Maslow pyramid is now represented with eco-environment needs too and I agree.

We are all suffering every day and this is the result of bad governance and bad decisions, political, social and personal. It may not have been on purpose, but we made it too easy. All, without exception.

So, what it was normal to all of us some months ago, it’s not the same “normal” we should see today.

Mr. Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum – Davos – CH, drew the attention to what we all must change, how to be aware, to be kind and be re-educated, “more resilient, more inclusive, in a more sustainable world. We have to try!”

We have to learn how to survive the 21st Century.

We should! We must!

For our Future and the Future of our children.

I wish that we all end 2020 with the certainty that we have learned something and that we have evolved, so that 2021 is the beginning of a New Age, better for all of us.

Happy New Year! Love to all.

Thanks for being with me!

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